Who is the Underground Studio Owl?

Hi, my name is Kasper and I am 21 years old. Since I was young I have spent my time around making music. Specifically, I have played in several bands over the years. However, recently I started working in the production side of the music industry. After doing an internship for over a year in the IJlandstudio in Amsterdam, I decided to share my knowledge and experience with upcoming artists with my own studio. Recently I also started doing live audio so if you’re searching for someone, you can contact me.

What is the Underground Studio Owl doing?

The Underground Studio Owl lives in his Owl’s nest, the breeding place for the development of new talented artists. You can come here for the following:

  • writing songs
  • arranging, recording, mixing & mastering songs
  • developing an idea for a song
  • recording extra instruments
  • recording extra backing vocals or rap
  • creating a beat/track for a rap
  • Live audio
  • eating mice or birds

Do you have other or specific wishes? Feel free to contact me. My creativity and technical knowledge are available for you.

Why choose the Underground Studio Owl?

The Underground Studio Owl fully focuses on the development of the artist. The prices here are lower then every other studio in the area. So there is no threshold to overcome. It is possible for every young artist or more experienced artist to work together.

On top of that it is very important to distinguish yourself from other artists. In our collaboration we will mainly focus on creating your own sound. This will be achieved by recordings with a deep full sound that will be pleasing to the ears after processing.