Hi, my name is Kasper and I am 22 years old. Since I was young I have spent my time around making music. Specifically, I have played in several bands over the years. I started with bandcoaching on elementary school as a bassplayer. Shortly after I started the band The Hague Idiots (later Forever Saturday and PEACH), a punk rock/ indie band. With this band we played a lot of gigs and we got I got to experience making demos and recording.

Currently I’m playing in 2 different bands and I’m studying Audio Design at the HKU in Utrecht. I play guitar and sing for my own project Jack the Owl and I play bass in the band ARCH. Furthermore I help artists from the Herman Brood Academy and friends.

However, recently I started working in the production side of the music industry. After doing an internship for over a year in the IJlandstudio in Amsterdam, I decided to share my knowledge and experience with upcoming artists with my own studio.